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Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) It is a method that incorporates a wide variety of surgical techniques to correct the contour of the abdomen, waist and hips in terms of health and aesthetics. Its causes are congenital muscle weakness and skin laxity, scars and hernias due to surgery, lubrication or skin sagging due to weight changes, skin cracks in the abdomen after pregnancy, skin sagging, thickening of the subcutaneous fat tissue and a loose abdomen and waist due to muscle weakness. is thickening.

Abdominoplasty is a body contouring surgery and should not be performed for weight loss. But it can be applied to correct the body contour in obese people.
However, these operations should not be performed in people who have serious medical problems (severe heart or lung failure, pregnancy or intra-abdominal organ disease) and people who have unrealistic expectations after surgery. It is possible to get pregnant again after a tummy tuck. However, it is recommended to pass at least 2 years. The trace does not pose a problem as it can be hidden in underwear. For this reason, it is also recommended for young patients with looseness and sagging in the abdomen.

Surgery: In the frequently applied tummy tuck method, the saggy and cracked skin between the navel and the groin area is removed together with the subcutaneous fat tissue, and the skin above the navel is stretched downwards and closed. If there is excess fat on the belly and waist area, it is removed by liposuction. Abdominal muscles are brought closer in the middle to correct the relaxation in the abdominal muscles and tighten the abdominal wall. The modern techniques of abdominoplasty applied today ensure that the contour of the area between the chest and thighs is harmonious and smooth in a single session. The surgery takes about 3 hours. At the end of the operation, the navel location does not change, only the skin around the navel has changed. The seam line is placed in the underwear. A drain is placed in the area to prevent bloody serum from accumulating.

After the operation: After the operation, the patients stay in the hospital for 1-2 days and rest at home for a few days. It is recommended to walk the next day to ensure blood circulation. Movements such as lying down and bending forward will force your abdominal muscles and increase swelling and even cause bleeding. Drains are removed within the first days after surgery. Swelling and bruises seen in the first weeks are normal and begin to decrease over time. However, you need to wait 1-2 months for the swelling to go away completely and for you to see the final result of the surgery. You can return to daily activities and work 1 week after the surgery.

If liposuction has been performed, you should wear a corset for 3-4 weeks. Normal walking is recommended. There are no stitches to be taken apart from the navel. The stitch scar is red in the first 3-4 months and is evident. This prominence, which is in the normal course of wound healing, leaves its place to a permanent scar that is usually skin-colored and not disturbing at the end of 9 months - 1 year. In patients who are dissatisfied with the scar, different pomade applications, kenacort infection, silicone leaf applications, laser applications and cutting and suturing the scar come to the fore.

Last Update : 04/04/2023