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Lip thickening: Lips are thin and indistinct, sometimes as a result of congenital and sometimes due to aging of the tissues. In addition, due to aging, it sags due to gravity. This situation is aesthetically undesirable. Thick and full lips are an expression of youth as well as thin and relaxed lips are an expression of old age. For this reason, one of the most popular aesthetic operations is lip augmentation.

The aim of the surgery is to thicken the lips and make their contours more prominent, to reduce wrinkles and to plump them up. However, preserving a natural appearance is one of its main goals.
There are many methods to thicken the lips and plump the wrinkles by correcting them. These can be grouped under three general headings:

1. Foreign filling materials: these are divided into temporary filling materials and other solid form fillings. Apart from this, although there are silicone-based fillers, the use of silicone around the face is prohibited by the FDA as it is considered objectionable.
Temporary fillers; They are harmless materials consisting of substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Especially when Hyaluronic acid, called Restylane® and injected with a needle, is used, the application is very simple and the patient returns to his normal life immediately. It is permanent for 4-6 months after the application and it should be repeated at the end of this period. It is obtained chemically and does not cause allergies, it is risk-free.

Other solid form fillings; These are materials placed with a minor surgery. Alloderm obtained from human skin dissolves within 1 year. The material called Gortex is permanent. It is placed inside the lip through small incisions made from the lip edges. It stays put and retains its shape. The drawback is that it can come out by piercing the lip over time.

2. Filling using the patient's own tissues: lip thickening and plumping can also be done with tissues taken from the patient's own body. In this type of filling, fat cells and skin cells taken from abdominal or breast reduction surgery are used. However, only 20-30% of these cells remain within 3-6 months; others melt. However, an effective lip thickening can be achieved when the process is repeated several times. There is no harm in this procedure, which is performed with local anesthesia.

3. Reshaping the lips with surgery: It is the process of thickening the lips with simple surgeries without using fillers. Among many methods, the surgeon chooses the one that is appropriate for the situation. It is not temporary like others.

Lip Suspension: The sutures, which are passed through a small incision made through the nose, are tied by passing through the lip and the lip is lifted upwards. There is no trace in sight. It is a very effective method.

Last Update : 04/04/2023