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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Overgrown breasts can cause muscle strains in the back and neck, head and shoulder pain, shoulder collapse due to bra straps, ulnar nerve paresthesia, chronic chest pain, and problems with personal hygiene.
If the patient is also overweight; Pre-operative weight loss may be beneficial. In patients over the age of forty, both clinical examination of the breasts for the possibility of a malignant tumor; as well as mammographic examination.

Surgically, the breast tissue and excess skin are removed from the appropriate parts, and the nipple is taken to the place where it should be. Thus, the breast is reduced in volume and lifted. After the operation, it is not possible to predict the amount of scars that will occur due to skin color differences; becomes uncertain in six months to a year. However, breastfeeding may not be possible in the future. Pain that may occur after surgery is relieved with painkillers. Dressing is done 2-3 times after the operation. Stitches are removed in 12-15 days.

Complications that can be seen after surgery are infection, bleeding and hematoma. Specific complications that may occur very rarely due to circulatory problems are necrosis of adipose tissue or nipple tissue. However, this possibility is very, very rare.

Last Update : 04/04/2023